Saturday, 22 October 2011

FSND FSX Citation X "v Ultra" Package

Alejandro Rojas Lucena (Alrot) has created a masterpiece of freeware design. The Citation is a very popular business jet, produced by Cessna.

This model features:

'True FSX model featuring 2D Cockpit. Virtual Cockpit. Detailed model includes working APU System. Working Flight Management Computer*."FMC" Bendix King/Honeywell General Aviation FMC/GPS by Garrett Smith,  Full animations including exit doors. FSX terminal gate compatibility.. Wing flex. ...and many more realistic additions! Gauges by: Alejandro Rojas Lucena  and  Garrett Smith (FMC) Testing assistance by: Stephane Verrando  Liveries by: Christian Michael Silvers (Texture.4 and Texture.5)'  FSND WEBSITE


  1. I like it, however, the wing flex would glitch. The interior model wing flex works, but the ailerons and flaps do not move, while the exterior model wing flex does not work. Does anyone know how the wing flex glitch can be fixed?

  2. And the winglet and non winglet models use the same interior model.

  3. Not sure if glitch.

  4. On that above glitch, one thing ive learned in the 40 years of flight sim isnt really about where to put files , thats basic. What all users of ANY flight sim need to do to eventually stop pulling out their hair is to understand the cfg file and what it represents. Simulation on computer is completely fantasy activity. When youre looking at an aircraft flying what your looking at is graphics, which im sure most realize, BUT what they dont realize is that your aircraft is built on a cursor, and that cursors is given certain parameters and movements. If your old enough to remeber PONG youll understand, Pong being a video game that used an enlarged cursor that moved left to right as in side scrolling video games. They soon learn that you could apply a graphic on this and it could move l r up and down. Then came the move as to where you could control the cursor then came along 360 movement and 360 environments. Thats the basics of original computer tech from oh 45 years ago. 360 came out in the mid 90s,i believe nintendo. So, learn the configuration. Heres an example, I have a toshiba satellite. Ive Jacked it up and actually had 500 gigs with it, over three years i worked my tail off to tweak that computer, i made progress and with the thousands of hours over the ten year period i decided , instead of spending all of this cash on tweaks and the like and hd scenery what could i do to make things perfect in the 10 year database.(its addicting butll keep you out of mischief)so i had the chance to pickup a compaq desktop for free. the toshiba is a 1450.00 computer with upgrades and is fast with Quad intel. I had to completely rebuild this compaq by hp. Now whats important is again the tech knowledge base behind all of this, and you wont believe this.The hp has 300 gigs. no wifi, nothing special . So in rebuilding this stock computer to perfection i had to touch base with the pros which ended up in forums. Heres what you need to know. The FSX program was designed for use on a dual duo core intel,it was made to run on less than a setting of 550, i believe its 515. so when you go in and jack it up to the sliders all of the way to the right , youll get crashes , anomolies and the blue screen, all kinds of things .so what you do is understand, you can put a hemi in a volkwagen but with the wagons fuel capacity your not getting far. It is the same with the cfg file. You canrt jack one thing up and expect a miracle,BUT what you can do is to learn the cfg file and what its settings and remarks mean, some are =1, some are True/False, some are 0-5, some are 0-100 . one of the first issues is running out of ram,to fix this you do two things. HIGMEMFIX=1 That is exactly how you place it. to create proper spacing , its backspace or forward BUT the space has to represent all of the other spacing criteria you see. One space or symbol will shut it down on start. OK, your having issues with everything looking like crap.... its usually not the downloads graphics especially now. Its youre compter settings. All of that bling and transparency issues and that silverlight msg coming up. Go into you appearance settings and take it down to nothing. You dont need any of that. now for Ram. most computers use it for a guide to whats on the screen. Basics are 750 to about 1200. I have mine ramped to 144000. Why? because with the sim i dont need all of the glamour , online will be perfect because these settings apply to everything per computer. pickup a 2.5 sata external hard drive. there small pocket size. I found one for 10.00 and it holds more space than the entire hp and the toshiba. Thats where i throw the ram and speed. Now the screen, with this compaq, im on a analog screen with high def which i attained thru the settings on this Dell, on the toshiba i have 344000 files and 3721 aircraft and heli and 150 add on sceneries, Maiw, and i use 597 ai groups from woai