Saturday, 22 October 2011

FSND FSX Citation X "v Ultra" Package

Alejandro Rojas Lucena (Alrot) has created a masterpiece of freeware design. The Citation is a very popular business jet, produced by Cessna.

This model features:

'True FSX model featuring 2D Cockpit. Virtual Cockpit. Detailed model includes working APU System. Working Flight Management Computer*."FMC" Bendix King/Honeywell General Aviation FMC/GPS by Garrett Smith,  Full animations including exit doors. FSX terminal gate compatibility.. Wing flex. ...and many more realistic additions! Gauges by: Alejandro Rojas Lucena  and  Garrett Smith (FMC) Testing assistance by: Stephane Verrando  Liveries by: Christian Michael Silvers (Texture.4 and Texture.5)'  FSND WEBSITE


  1. I like it, however, the wing flex would glitch. The interior model wing flex works, but the ailerons and flaps do not move, while the exterior model wing flex does not work. Does anyone know how the wing flex glitch can be fixed?

  2. And the winglet and non winglet models use the same interior model.

  3. Not sure if glitch.